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Make PACE Happen in Your State

There are 22 states without PACE enabling legislation! Let’s make PACE happen in every state! PACE usually requires state and local legislation, which should address a number of key issues, including:

  • Statement of public purpose – PACE will allow your state and local community to achieve objectives that are in the public good. These can include energy security, economic development goals of job creation and property value, or reducing air pollution.
  • Benefit district or other mechanism for establishing a voluntary (opt-in) assessment or charge in return for a financing benefit, which may vary from state to state and among different types of municipalities.
  • Funding source – PACE programs can support non-recourse municipal bonds of the sponsoring municipality or other governmental entity.
  • Program basics – which may include maximum borrowing amounts, acceptable loan-to-value ratios, and other guidelines to ensure programs are safe for all participants.

Join Our Efforts Online

PACE supporters, let’s create a strong online presence for Property Assessed Clean Energy together! We need your help, especially this month! The FHFA, a federal rulemaking body, continues to ban residential PACE. Let’s show the agency that we support energy efficiency and clean energy and we want to bring residential PACE back!

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