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Our Strategy

Energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives make America more independent and our states more energy secure, avoid the costs of building power plants and transmission systems, save money, create jobs and protect the environment.  Because buildings use nearly half the energy we consume in the United States, and three quarters of the electricity, making them more efficient creates a huge opportunity for savings and positive change.

PACE is property assessed clean energy, an innovative use of a proven and efficient funding mechanism used for decades across our nation by local governments to finance improvements to property that meet a public purpose.  Its local focus supports effective community efforts to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

PACENow’s mission is to promote improved energy efficiency in buildings and use of PACE. Our strategy is to be a trusted source for information and resources to a growing coalition of PACE stakeholders that includes local governments, businesses, industry service providers, labor and trade organizations, environmental groups and private individuals nationwide.


PACENow was established in 2008 by Jeffrey Tannenbaum, the founder and President of Fir Tree Partners, a New York City based global value investment firm. Jeff recognized the power of a pilot program in California that used traditional municipal land secured benefit financing to achieve energy efficiency and renewable energy goals and formed PACENow to broaden the awareness and adoption of PACE programs.  David Gabrielson joined PACENow as its first Executive Director in 2010 and works with Jeff, PACENow’s Board of Directors, staff, and countless PACE stakeholders to develop an organization that serves the needs of a growing PACE movement.

PACENow is incorporated under the not-for-profit corporation law of the State of New York and derives its 501(c)(3)  status as a project of its fiscal sponsor, the New Venture Fund.